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Why is change needed?

Over the next 20 years, the percentage of people over the age of 85 will double nationally.

Tameside Centre

In Tameside and Glossop, we want to celebrate this and continue to improve the quality of life of all of our local residents, especially those entering their older years. However, the number of people in Tameside & Glossop who have health problems requiring both health and social care is increasing and often people are managing a number of illnesses and conditions.

Our current health and social care services don’t always work together as well as they could to meet local people’s complex needs. Local health and care services are delivered by a number of organisations. This can make an individual’s journey through an illness or managing a long-term social or health care need seem complicated and confusing, or they may have to tell the same story about their condition or illness to various people. This also means that organisations work with different systems and these systems don’t always communicate with each other as effectively as they could.

Local people do not always get the joined-up services they need, which can get in the way of them staying healthy. Opportunities to make things better for local people are sometimes missed and money is wasted. For example, people are sent to hospital, or they stay in hospital too long, when it would have been better for them to get care at home. Sometimes people get the same service twice – from the NHS and other care organisations – or an important part of their care is missing. To see an example of this and how it could be changed, click here’s to watch Sam’s Story.

Our current approach, which treats conditions ‘one at a time’ – instead of seeing the whole person – can be improved.

Doing nothing is not an option.


How can we improve the ways things work?

In order to put people – rather than process and systems – at the heart of their own care, we need to work together more closely. This requires courage, a bold new vision, joined up planning, a willingness to change and, most importantly, the engagement and participation of local people.

We are one of the first places in the country to do this. However, we are not alone and we are fortunate to be an integral part of the devolution of health and social care powers within Greater Manchester. As you may have seen in the news, for the first time Greater Manchester is taking charge of the £6 billion spent on health and social care in all ten boroughs, including Tameside and Glossop.

A deal was made with the government in order to make local decisions about some of the most important things in our lives – including health. The goal of ‘GM Devo’ is to see the greatest and fastest improvement to the health, wealth and wellbeing of the 2.8 million people in Greater Manchester. To read more about GM Devo and how services will change across Greater Manchester, visit their website:

What we are doing in Tameside and Glossop will be followed by other organisations across the NHS nationally.

We want to achieve a system which is easy to understand, to access and to get the necessary support. We are therefore looking to transform the current Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust into a new Integrated Care Organisation; bringing together and managing a much wider range of services to ensure they all work effectively together for the benefit of all the people across Tameside and Glossop.

How long will the changes take?

Changes of this scale do not happen overnight and we expect that to fully transform services will take between three and five years. This is a unique opportunity for Tameside and Glossop to be at the forefront of developing more joined-up integrated care; and we are absolutely committed to getting it right. To get it right, we need to involve the public and the workforce throughout the whole process.


What this means to you

People in Tameside and Glossop deserve health and social care services of the highest quality that are provided as locally as possible. Leaders of local health and social care services believe that people should sit at the heart of a proactive care system, centered on them and their carers.

The aim of Care Together is to improve your experience of health and social care, with better access to joined up care, and encouraging people to lead healthier lives and have more say in their own care. The programme also aims to help carers balance their caring roles, whilst maintaining their own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Our vision is that local people will receive the highest quality care possible through the ‘Care Together’ changes.

How local services will work

The Care Together Programme aims to develop a new kind of NHS provider organisation known as an ‘Integrated Care Organisation’ (ICO). Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust (T&G IC) will provide the foundation for one of the first ICOs in England, bringing together a wide range of health and social care services for the benefit of local people. The ICO will manage a person’s entire care in the future, by linking up hospital services with community care and mental health services and working closely with GPs.

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