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It is an exciting time for health and social care in Tameside and Glossop.

NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group (T&G CCG), Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council (TMBC), and Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust (T&G IC) are working together to develop, introduce and operate an integrated system of health and social care in Tameside and Glossop. This programme is called Care Together.


At its heart, Care Together is the development of care that is closer to home and involves the development of local care teams, Care Together is very much about how the people of Tameside and Glossop, along with GPs, the local Council, care providers, hospital, community services and charities can work effectively together to deliver improved health and social care services, placing the person at the centre of the care that is required.

The key to this approach is to prevent people becoming ill in the first place, we want the residents of Tameside and Glossop to remain well for as long as possible. Care Together will work with you, your family and our community to address the things that contribute to ill health, designing our services, places and spaces, to support you to be healthy and well. This also means providing better information and support to people who have ongoing health and care needs to live healthy and independent lives.

We want health and care professionals to work as one team, and to deliver the right care, at the right time, in the right place. These professionals and the organisations which employ them will work with you, your support networks, your family, friends and carers in a more joined up way, to help you and your loved ones to stay well.

We want to design and deliver services which focus on the health and care needs of the individual, rather than the organisation. We will, where appropriate, enable local people to take more responsibility for their own care and to be supported by health and social care professionals when they need this, in the most appropriate place.

We want to involve you in this programme as we believe we can work together to deliver the biggest reform of health and social care services in a generation.

Ultimately, Care Together will enable us to provide an improved care experience for you, the people of Tameside and Glossop, by making much better use of resources, getting rid of unnecessary duplication, and working more efficiently.

This Care Together website is a place where you can find information, view our latest updates, share your experiences, ideas and views, ask any questions you may have and get involved.

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